Why the Sony Reader is Ruling the EBook Reader Market

Almost all of us know what an eBook reader is, for the uninitiated it is a device that lets you read all your eBooks on a simple paper like display. In short, the eBook reader is a device that lets you carry your entire electronic book library in the pocket itself. There are quite a few great eBook readers available in the market these days, among them the Sony reader has managed to grab the pole position. EBook reader market is still in its nascent stages and Sony Reader has managed to woo the techno savvy audience with its high-end features and attractive price range. sony 55x75k

The biggest competitor for the Sony is available in the form of the Amazon Kindle. The eBook reader market is booming as more and more people are shifting to these newly emerging devices for their book reading habits. Let us look at the advantages provided by the Sony.

  • Accessibility: thanks to the Sony Reader, users do not need to carry along their favorite books anymore. Just copy your favorite thriller, fiction or romantic comedy in to the Sony and you can carry it around anywhere you go. The Sony allows the users to keep their favorite books with them at all times.  If you are stuck in a long flight, all you have to do is whip up your Sony and finish the last few pages of that amazing thriller.
  • Ease of use: unlike the Amazon Kindle, the Sony Reader is easier to use as it comes sans the buttons. The Sony has a nice touch screen interface that enables the user to use hand gestures to control the device. You can even flip the pages of the book with the Sony.
  • Lighting: The nice TFT screen of the Sony Reader provides a soothing reading interface to the users. Since the screen is not backlit, the users can read the text as f they are reading a natural book. The Sony also makes sure that you can read your books in the dark with a great The ink display make sure that the text is displayed as if it was written on natural paper, you can even change the font size according to your likings.
  • EBook access: although the Sony Reader does not come with EVDO access, you can go to the official store and purchase the electronic versions of several eBooks. The Sony supports multiple document formats like PDF and EPUB format in addition to the Microsoft Word documents and text files.

You can simply connect the Sony Reader with your computer and transfer all your favorite books into the device before embarking on a long trip. The memory is expandable thanks to the SD memory card slot that comes with the device.  Overall, the Sony is a great device that helps users read their favorite books while listening to soulful music.  The Sony Reader has managed to snatch away the market from Amazon Kindle with its drop-dead-gorgeous good looks and fantastic features.

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