The very best Dry Sauna Watery vapor Cleaning products utilize a unique technology that has revolutionized the way to give you the cleanest possible home and office environments — TANCS!

First, it would be intelligent to take a step back and reiterate the character of a Dry Sauna Watery vapor Cleaner. This cleaning product — in exciting and most popular form — typically appears like a small beach ball with an attached garden hose. Inside the body of the Watery vapor Cleaner exists a combi boiler (the best boilers are stainless steel) which will heat water to a bit over 300F. As of this temperature, a rigorous, dry sauna is formed.

This sauna is then sent out in a controlled fashion through the garden hose and out through whatever particular accessory is mounted to the end of the garden hose (or, wands attached with the end of the hose). This method of cleaning — developed in Europe in the 1980’s — allows for cleaning virtually any surface using the awesome power of sauna — without chemicals!

It’s three immediate benefits. You are that yourself can clean windows, carpets, floor, walls, upholstery, etc. in a living room, or, the bathroom, the sink, the shower, the tile, etc. in the bathroom, and the cooker, the counter, a floor, the dishwasher, etc. in the kitchen. Almost any kind of surface can be cleaned using this process.

The second benefit is that the process of cleaning is highly effective. The ability of dry sauna (called “dry” because the water content in a first-quality dry sauna watery vapor cleaner is only about 5%) to clean and disinfect is terrific. The game of the heat in the sauna comes garden soil very quickly with a minimum of effort from almost any surface. While the particular nozzle being used for any particular task has to, of necessity, be moved across the surface, it is not typically used in a forceful, scrubbing action — heat does the cleaning.

The last benefit is that this cleaning process is accomplished without Kardinal Stick chemicals. Chemicals invariably contain toxins. Toxins are detrimental to human health and, by reducing the toxins from the cleaning process, one is able to clean “chemical-free” — a huge advantage in the cleaning process. TANCS is the only technology world-wide that ensures that the cleaning process results in disinfection of the surface being cleaned — without chemicals!

What is TANCS?: TANCS means for Arctic Nano Very Sterilizing. This is a worldwide exclusive on a exclusive water treatment component.. This revolutionary product results in a product that is the ultimate micro organism killer. Using this process, nano deposits are formed within tap water. When this water is superheated these deposits accelerate and operate like nano group bombs.

HOW DOES TANCS WORK?: TANCS kills micro-organisms by trouble of the cell membrane layer. Due to the activity of the nano deposits, the cell walls are destroyed on contact.

HOW EFFECTIVE IS IT?: Nelson Labs of Utah certified that a 7-second contact with TANCS sauna watery vapor produces a 5 — 7 log lowering of bacterias and was consistently achieved on all bacterias tested. This is thousands of times better than any direct-applied water disinfecting process using chemicals. Chemical disinfection requires contemplate times of several minutes. This means that, to kill bacterias, the chemical has to be thoroughly applied — generally in the absence of any soil load (meaning, the surface has to be free of all garden soil first) — and allowed to soak without drying out for about ten minutes. In addition, most sanitizers and disinfectants stipulate that they are not effective on non-porous surfaces (read, countertops). Simply stated, most chemical usages for disinfection in the field (i. e., your house or office) can be ineffective. TANCS, on the other hand, not only disinfects immediately, it works thousands of times better.

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DISINFECTION & SANTIZING: Sanitizing is understood to be killing bacterias; but, just a percentage of them. Disinfection is nearly a complete kill process — everything ends moving…

HOW IS TANCS USED?: TANCS is available only as a factor of a LadyBugXL Dry Sauna Watery vapor Cleaner.

WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THAT LADYBUG THING? A Dry Sauna Watery vapor Cleaner uses a simple, wonderful cleaning process whereby the awesome power of sauna is safely useful to enable fast, effective cleaning of almost any surface — without chemicals. This includes walls, windows, magnifying mirrors, grout, floors of any type including wood, ceramic & tile, carpets, upholstery, pillows, a mattress, ranges, refrigerators, toilets, showers & tubs, patio, deck, etc. The process clears instantly with a minimum of effort, and, with the proper temperature, sanitizes. In the case of the LadyBugXL or LadyBug Tekno models with TANCS, it will disinfect.

WESTERN EUROPEAN WATERY VAPOR CLEANERS: The wide-spread use of Sauna Watery vapor Cleaners has been common in Europe for pretty much three decades. Great equipment is made in Europe — they have the technology and the track-record. There has also been a spike of low-priced models available from manufacturers in the united states; however, typically, they have no quality. It is the old but true (albeit ungrammatical) saying that you get what you pay for.

300 F TEMPERATURE: A good Sauna Watery vapor Cleaner, to begin with, has to do one thing very well. It has to make a sauna that is above a certain temperature — approximately about 3000 F; otherwise, by the time the sauna travels the space required from the unit to the end of the particular accessory being used, it is little regarding green warm/hot mist. Not only will this not adequately clean the surface, it simply won’t clean — the temperature is much too low.

The sanitizing capability is one of the key abilities of a good-quality Sauna Watery vapor Cleaner. Such a unit, at the proper temperatures, will clean a surface being cleaned — dust mites, mold, bacteria, fleas, etc. will be destroyed without the use of harsh or green damaging chemicals! As well, a good Sauna Watery vapor Cleaner removes the “drudge” from household or office cleaning tasks — the sauna does the work! It is amazing how easy it is to clean with your units.

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