Touring around London

London is one of the best cities in the world, and you’ll want to make sure you circumvent easily to see it all while you are staying in a Hyde Park hotel. London may seem a bit daunting on first arrival because it is so large and busy, but luckily there is a superb public transport system up and running to obtain to where you need to go with very little hassle as possible. So if you are wondering how far better circumvent, here is a quick guide.

The London Underground

The famous London Underground is the the best way to circumvent the city when you are staying in a Hyde Park hotel. London has the earliest underground train system in the world, with the first section opening in 1863. It now includes 11 lines and the Docklands Light Railroad, making it one of the largest underground systems in the world. There are 270 areas currently on the Underground, meaning you can get to pretty much anywhere you need to using this system. Nearly all of the major attractions in the city will never be distant from a tube station, london coach rentals and you don’t have to worry about getting lost as it is easy to work out your location.

London Busses

The red double-decker bus is an enduring image of the UK capital, and you will see them all over the place. The bus network in the city goes back many years, and this is an ideal way to see the sights because you can look out of the windows as you travel. Busses can also take you to more places than the Underground system, so it may be a good idea to grab a routine and plan some above ground avenues by bus.

Lessen your Travel Costs

Travelling in the capital can be quite expensive, but there are ways to minimize the cost of touring around. A single journey on the Underground currently costs £4, so it is best to opt for an all-day travel card if you intend to travel around to a lot of the different attractions during your time in a Hyde Park hotel. London is divided into six specific zones for travelling, and you can purchase a single paper ticket that will assist you to travel on all of the educates, busses and the underground network for one price, which is a great option for sightseers. You can also buy a seven-day travel card if you are staying for longer. Alternatively, you may want to purchase an Oyster card which you can preload with money and then use for single travels which are cheaper than paying the standard single rate. However, this is just a great way if you only intend to create a few single travels each day.


Another option you may want to consider to get around is cycling, and leasing a bike is a good option when you stay in a Hyde Park hotel. London now has the Barclays Cycle Hire (BHS) scheme that launched this season, and this allows you to rent a bike from one london coach charter of the many docking areas and use it to get around the city. You can use a credit or debit card to pay for it, and it could be a very interesting way to see even more of the sights during your stay.

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