Making Money in World of Warcraft Quick Tips – 5 Quick Tips For Making Money in World of Warcraft

Making money in World of Warcraft is something that is really not that difficult to do, but a lot of players struggle at it simply because they do not know how. If you want to be a wealthy character, you have to have a strategy to follow. These 5 quick tips will give you a better money-making strategy that you can put into use when you log in today.

Quick Tip 1: Pay attention to seasonal events (like the Midsummer Fire Festival). These events usually have quests that require items you can farm and sell for higher prices at the Auction House.

Quick Tip 2: Get your mount. Even though mounts are some of the most expensive items, they allow you to move (and farm for items) much faster than if you were on foot. Think of it as an investment that will help increase your gold-making capabilities.

Quick Tip 3: Do your daily quests. These can be great money Buy wow gold  makers.

Quick Tip 4: Buy up items on the Auction House for low prices on the weekends and reselling them during the week. Since a lot more people play and list items on the weekends, prices tend to be cheaper.

Quick Tip 5: Use the best grinding spec for your character. If you are going to farm items to sell, you want to be able to kill mobs as fast as possible. Every character has an ideal grinding spec. Find out what is the best for your character and pay to respect if you have to; you will reap the rewards in the long run.


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