LED TV – The State of the Art of Television Takes Another Step Forward

If you’re in the market for a new television, you’ve probably noticed there’s much more to making a selection than just knowing what size you want. Very soon however an LED TV will be the industry standard.

Years ago it was as much about buying a television as a piece of furniture as it was looking at the technical specifications. Now you have to decide between plasma, LCD, projection, DLP, and on and on.

If you haven’t seen or heard of the newer LED TV technology, you soon will. The LED (light emitting pub tv subscription diode) has been around for several decades now, and it’s not the impressive feature in the LED TV technology. What is new is the way in which this simple semiconductor is being used.

Using the LED as the primary light source in the LED TV, it’s now possible to create HDTVs that have an even brighter, more color vibrant video image, with blacks that are truly black, and not just a very dark gray, as some devices produce. Samsung is leading the way in the area of new LED TV offerings, and with contrast ratios of 500,000:1, the specifications will give you an idea of what these new LED TVs are capable of. Not only are the images being produced by these new LED TVs much better than even the latest models of plasma and other LCD HDTVs, they’re also being sold at fantastic prices. Whereas plasma devices, when first released, where several times what you can buy one now for, the LED TV can be sold much more reasonably because the LED technology isn’t new, but just existing technology that has advanced, and is being used in a slightly different manner.

I believe many people automatically think of plasma when they think of the best HDTV display, but that will soon change. The early days of LCD displays were those of slow image reproduction, blacks that weren’t black, and other problems. Soon, even LCD displays will be more sought after than the plasma screens. Plasma also has a relatively short life span when compared to other display types.

When you look at the new LED devices from Samsung, there’s really no hard choice in deciding on which set to purchase. That is of course, assuming you’re looking for the best image. The Samsung LED TVs, and also those being released by other manufacturers, including Sony, Toshiba, and several others, will soon dominate the market.

Even the being sold presently is very affordable for those looking to buy a higher end device. Even if you’re on a fairly tight budget, the smaller sets are priced surprisingly low. I don’t know if you could call it a drawback, but the only possible pricing problem is, don’t expect to see the drastic price reductions in the LED TV technology as we did in plasma HDTVs. If you remember, the newest plasma HDTVs were in the five figures initially, but again, that was new technology.

So, if you’re in the market for a new HDTV, that a serious look at one of the LED TVs from Samsung. There’s already many different options and price ranges to choose from. With all the incredible features, such as Internet TV and many others, it’s a matter of deciding how many bells and whistles you need. Whichever LED TV you decide on will no doubt have a stunning picture. One look, and you will be sold.

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