Affiliate Marketing With Classified Ads

As an affiliate marketer, trying to find ways to generate sales that won’t break the bank has long been an arduous task. This is well and truly the case when you are starting out on the affiliate marketing track and don’t have much capital to invest in advertising programmes that will cost you the earth.

One method that I use time  post free ads   and time again to help generate those all important sales is Classified Ads. Classified Ad websites are springing up all the time as they generally generate a lot of interest from people just having a browse. How many times have you found yourself browsing the classified ads in a local newspaper? I bet you many times. The same is starting to happen with Classified Ad websites, more and more people are just having a browse around and if you use these sites effectively you will find that any ad that you post will be browsed upon by lots of people.

It’s not only people that love browsing classified ad website, search engines love them too. The content on a classified ad website is always changing and therefore the big search engines, including the big G will index them all the time. This is good news if you write ads with keywords in mind. You could easily come top of search done on these search engines without having to spend a dime on pay per click adverts.

There are a number of classified ad website out there on the internet, some of them are local, some national and some international. I would recommend going for the international websites as you will have a bigger audience for your niche product that you are trying to market. Also, some classified ad websites will charge you for the privilege of advertising on their websites. Don’t bother with these at the moment; just go for the ones that allow you to place free classifieds. This will reduce your advertising costs.

When writing your classified ad, be short and punchy, remember it’s not an article and you are probably going to send your customers to a sales website, so there is no need to sell on you classified ad. You only need to create interest in the product you are selling so that the prospective customer clicks through to the actual sales page. You should aim to keep you ad to 5 lines of text max.

The only similarity between articles and classified ads is that you should aim to write lots of ads to generate traffic. I have found that writing the ads for one site only works the best as each advert is original on the internet and this will be reflected by the search engines. So always keep writing ads and submitting them.

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