9 Points for Weight Control and Acupuncture

The desire to take control over our bodies and control our weight has created many food-related industries. Several of these alone cost untold billions of dollars a year. We try diets, specialty foods, fads, surgeries and a slew of other methods. Some people seek complementary treatments such as physical exercise, hypnotherapy and acupuncture. Having years of experience in helping clients with weight control I can say outright that I do not believe any modality in itself is a solution. I do not believe there is any silver bullet. Weight control is a multifaceted issue and it requires in-depth, multi-layered solutions.

There are excellent supports. Acupuncture is a great tool for weight control, but not in the way most people think of it. There are no acupuncture points to permanently control overeating, binging or addiction of any kind. Some points support release of addiction, but that is a far cry from being a solution.

When it comes to weight control many holistic health care professionals hear: “this is broken, please fix it,” which generally translates to “a part of me is broken and you are the therapist so please fix me.” Success will only come when this approach to support changes dramatically.

Here are nine points to help a client seeking weight control through acupuncture or any other modality:

1. The treatment, be it acupuncture, hypnotherapy, or other is a support modality. In and of itself it is not a solution.

2. No matter what treatment a person seeks, if the underlying emotions and habits remain, the world’s greatest treatments are doomed.

3. To release weight and permanently control it, an individual must redefine their relationship to food.

4. In most cases the client must be willing to release the emotional hold of food as well as the physiological..

5. A person seeking to change bad eating habits will have a greater likelihood of permanent success if they view the problem as one of addiction. Unlike other addictions such as smoking or drugs, we all must eat to survive. This means food cannot be viewed as an ‘enemy.’

Which brings me to my final points about weight control:

6. Success is not linked to a diet. The subject of diets and overeating is too large to handle here. Suffice it to say that there tends to be a converse relationship between the two — more dieting leads to more difficulty with controlling weight, not less.

7. It bears repeating: The enemy is NOT food! That belief leads to feeling helpless, which supports addictive behavior and bad habits.

8. The enemy is feeling ugly and 三高食療 depressed because of overweight. It is feeling like a failure because we lost the battle once again with the refrigerator demons. The enemy is loss of spirit and loss of heart because the journey feels too long, the goal too far.

9. SUCCESS is linked to self-acceptance, self-knowledge, and personal responsibility. It is knowing that the journey begins with a small step and that while there may be occasional straying, as long as the way is forward, all is well. It is linked to a willingness to leave old beliefs and habits that no longer support us and actively seek ones that do.

Seeking help with acupuncture or another healthy modality as a support is valuable. Vastly more important is accepting that lasting change is up to you. As with all personal journeys the greatest reward is often in what we learn along the way. Weight control opens the door to many changes. Success is measured not only in pounds shed, but in the awareness that we are more conscious and confident and able to experience life on our terms.


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